The Difficulties of Wanting to Write in Times of Distractions ( Good and Bad, Mainly Bad, Though )

I love to write, ever since as a schoolgirl, writing was my life, poetry, lampoons, short stories, you name it. In my twenties, I started to keep a diary, or rather diaries, I was writing in my apartment, I was writing in coffehouses and cafes, I was even writing in mall food courts, at the time, I was not bothered by distractions, maybe the odd fight or kids running wild without parental supervision or some sad person bawling, but for the most part, I was immersed in my writings, nowadays, now that I am older and undergoing the menopause and mood swings thing, I don’t have that ability anymore, I have to have the perfect moment and environment to put down words, my mind has to be at peace, the enviroment has to be silent or have some non distracting sounds, though, luckily tonight, as I sit here at the Starbucks Coffee inside the Indigo Bookstore with my Galaxy Tab tablet and drinking Caffe Espresso Frappucino tonight listening to a couple of kids screaming and running around the bookstore,  I actually can write this blog post without being so rudely interrupted and losing my train of thought, hey, maybe I haven’t lost that magic after all, or perhaps, it was just pure luck and the next time, I won’t be so lucky, who knows?


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